Senior Technician in our Acrylic Display Workshop

Feb. 25, 2022

Yuyan, a senior technician in our Acrylic Display workshop who has worked in our company for more than 10 years. With top-ranking professional skills such as  gluing , bending and polishing, it seems she has magic and make the Display Products(Sign Holders, Brochure Holder, Custom Made Acrylic Display Stands, Cosmetics Display Rack...) are free of bubbles in premium quality. Every piece is exquisite handiwork.   

She said that Sate-Lite( Deflecto Asia) is a factory care about staff and social responsibility, provide employees with a fair, safe and healthy working environment, time flies, she has worked here for over ten years, and she is happy to stay here and consistently makes high-quality Acrylic Displays.

Yuyan is just one of hundreds of skilled staff  in our company. We are very proud of having such large number of senior technologists  as excellent as her, we endeavor to provide high quality Office & Commercial Display Stand, Brochure Holder, Sign Holders, Bespoke Displays Stands to our customers.

Senior Technician in our Acrylic Display Workshop

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