Sate-Lite(Foshan) Plastics Co., Ltd.


Sate-Lite (Foshan) Plastics Co., Ltd. was established in June 1998, whose parent company is Deflecto LLC. Located in United States. As a leader in the manufacture of Commercial Display with over 60-year history of brand recognition, Deflecto LLC. has become a preferred brand for Top 500 companies around the world.

Sate-Lite(Foshan) Plastics Co., Ltd.

Located in Shunde Guangdong Province, Sate-Lite is a vertically integrated manufacturer engaging in basic raw acrylic and PS sheets production as well as finished display products. Our strength includes 685 skilled staffs, 337 sets of professional production equipment and an area of 40,000 square meters, among which more than 20,000 square meters are three-dimensional warehouse.

All these advantages enable us to be cost- competitive and sensitive to penetrate into new markets.

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Effective product presentations for over 60 years

  • 2015 Success in cooperating with  METRO (the top 500 retail giant in the world) and beginning to supply office display products.

  • 2014 The export of custom acrylic product exceeds $3 million..

  • 2013 Annual sales crossed the line of $30 million.

  • 2013 The domestic newest technology of acrylic sheet automatic production line was put into production.

  • 2011 The domestic latest technology of PS panel automatic production line was put into production.

  • 2010 The wholly new factory, office building and warehouse were fully completed.
    POP and POS Program were launched.

  • 2007 The first phase of new plant covering 60000 square meters was officially put into practice.

  • 2006 Succeeding in operating ERP system, Deflect-o China has greatly improved the market competitiveness itself.

  • 2000 Deflect-o China obtained the certificate of ISO9001--2008 Quality Management Certification.

  • 1999 Based in Shunde, Deflect-o China formally launched a series of global new product research and development work of acrylic displays under the guidance of U.S head office.




As an American-owned company, we proceed our business with integrity, honesty and fairness. We value and respect our customers, employees, suppliers and local community to reach a win-win situation.

Quality and customer service is a top priority for Deflect-o Committed to employees and their families and local community

Seek mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Individuality is also a highly prized factor at Deflect-o, because every brand is unique



We spare no efforts to be the most established and successful providers on the market of retail fixture and display solutions with exceptional service.


To be a customer-oriented, and always to be considerate to our customers, suppliers and employees for our external and internal customers through continuous improvement.