Artigulight Rear Opening LED Window Display Panels A3


The panels are designed to be mounted as close to the inside of a window as required. 

The patented hinged design that allows the rear of the panel opened and the insertion of both the front and back media be changed easily without disturbing the other panels.

The panels are suspended by in a column using Stainless Steel cables powered by a low voltage, low amperage power inverter.

They can be mounted Vertically or horizontally as the power flows for one side to the other.

Size in A3, silver or back color as standard,  color is also can be custom made. 


ARTICULIGHT is a double-sided backlight media display system using internal LED strips to evenly light up a specially designed internal panel that allows printed media to be seen clearly from both sides.


CodeDimensions (mm)Box Qty
ARTL-A3360×480×15 (W×H×D)6